Exploration Park

Unlike the Baby Corral, aka Discovery Park, there is nothing to hold the little ones in at Exploration Park. But that's okay, because if you have the energy to chase them around a bit, they will probably particularly enjoy this park. The theme seems to be a frontier town. And frankly, it's lovely!

 It has a variety of features for a variety of ages... splash pad, sandbox, small, large and extra large jungle gyms, and even a little stagecoach kids can climb up into. The splash pad is encircled by more shaded picnic tables.

I particularly like the huge expanse of soft, rolling green grass...not exactly a common thing in Vegas. Ivy has never rolled down a grassy hill before, and although it was a bit awkward at first she finally figured it out and loved it.

In terms of picnic areas, there are individual picnic tables with their own little shades, so you can easily stake out a comfortable spot.  Or of course you could bring a blanket and spread out in the grass while the kids kick a ball around, roll down the hills, or generally run amok.

I recommend trying out this park, the size and interesting features will make it seem like your kids really are exploring. The only drawback I found is that if you live in Henderson or North Vegas, its a pretty long drive to Buffalo and Blue Diamond!


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