Parenting Discovery!

Ok, so veteran parents probably already know this. But I just discovered it and had to share.

I wanted to get the house picked up but the girls kept demanding my attention and wanting to play. Somehow, inspiration struck and I started running around all over the house, picking up toys and discarded clothes as I went.

The girls thought it was hilarious, and not only started laughing but they also started running around and chasing me and each other too. In no time, I had most of the house picked up. Granted, I only dropped items off in the room they belonged and didn't put anything in its exact place but the whole living room and kitchen were free and clear of clutter and it only took me half the time it otherwise would have!

This counts as one of my better parenting discoveries. Anyone else have another good parenting discovery I can steal??


  1. ... and a good workout!
    Most chores converted to fun are completed faster and are more satisfying.


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