And The Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down...

...In rushing, rising riv'lets... Today, the day after my grandmother passed away (has it only been one day??), Ivy and Violet have both come down with the stomach flu. A really messy stomach flu that got extra specially messy all over my sister's pristine snow white bed spread. Oops.

While I was loading the girls up in the car to bring them back to my mom's (where we are staying), I got paged from an unknown number with the message "PLEASE CALL - 911" Heart pounding, I called and found out that my dog had escaped and was found cowering under someone's car. Hardly a 911 situation, people. Seriously. But still, I am glad we got her back. I think.


  1. Oh man, you are having a rough few days!!! Extra hugs. Uhm, so I guess I SHOULD call after all. I thought maybe you wouldn't be in a mood to talk, but seeing as how you are posting regularly, I guess we could manage a 10 min. call lol.

  2. Stomach flu??? Not right. Yikes. Extra hugs for sure.
    So... are you replacing the bedspread?

  3. Whew, I hope things calm down for you.


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