Let's Play a Game

It's a little game I call, "Where's the Poop?"

I know, you are intrigued. You are already thinking, "I wonder if this is something I can use as an ice breaker at my next party." Well... ya can't. Not unless your next party involves some pretty weird people. In which case, go ahead. I am hereby giving you usage rights, free of charge. You're welcome.

The game starts with a toddler, in this case Violet, taking off all her clothes, including her diaper. The next part of the game involves me discovering a brown smear on her leg and/or bum, thus alerting me to the fact that we are in the middle of a high stakes game of "Where's the Poop?"

The object of the game, as you may have discerned with your astute powers of deduction, is to find the poop before Violet finds it again and does something Play-Doh-ish with it (assuming she hasn't already). For non-parents I understand if you get squeamish here and don't read any further. Parents are naturally desensitized to the ... realities, shall we say, of the human body.

Today I discovered we were in the middle of the game a little late because she was wearing a long shirt and I could not tell her diaper was off or that she had the Smear of Death until I picked her up. Surprise!! Huge Smear of Death, right there! On the leg, the bum, and oh no- the back?? Ack! Ok, first, quarantine baby in the bath tub.

Now where's the poop, where's the poop? Hunt... hunt...must find it....in my room? I hope not. In the bathroom? If only. In the girls room? No.  Ah ha!! Spare room. Still inside discarded diaper. Sigh of relief. I win the game!! The prize is that I do not have to clean anything further. That was pretty fun, right??


  1. Um, hm, this whole parenthood things just sounds more and more exciting everyday??

  2. Woooow. This is where I say I'm so glad none of my kids have ever had the habit of taking off their own diapers. I have heard far too many poop horror stories!!!


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