I Am Abdicating My Position As Mother

I am going to abdicate my position as mother and probably go on an extended vacation. I am handing over duties and responsibilities to Ivy. I think she is ready. I have written a short play, based on actual events, to demonstrate my reasons for thinking this.

La Petite Maman, By Andrea

The Scene:
The Players:
Ivy - a precocious 3 year old, and Violet - a fiesty 18 month old.

Ivy sits quietly at the kid's table, eating her toast. Violet's food has also been served, and is getting cold. Violet enters stage left.

abalsanama caladmsla.
Eat your food, Violet. Sit down.
Violet (casually):
Violet, you need to eat your food now.

Instead of sitting, Violet takes Ivy's napkin.

Violet!! I'm using that! Give it back.
Don't you sass me!

Violet defiantly throws the napkin in the trash.

Ivy (in her best "how dare you" tone):
Violet?! That is rude! And condescending. You get a time out!

Violet hangs her head (pouting), walks over to face the wall and complies with Ivy's time out.



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