Stalking My Old High School

Since we have been cooped up at my grandma's bedside for days, yesterday evening my sister Natalia and I went on a walk, hoping that the fresh air would clear our heads and improve our tense mood. We walked up to our old high school and then our old junior high, pointing out buildings and remembering days gone by. We laughed about things, we brought up old memories.

But it wasn't until we caught the familiar scent of some of the buildings, and then put our noses up to those buildings to more deeply take in the scent that we realized that our trip down memory lane was bordering on the creepy. At the gate to the high school's competitive pool we sniffed at the metal gate which for some reason brought a flood of fond memories forth (we had both been on the swim team). We also peered in the windows to the main buildings and sniffed at the soft breeze emanating from the crack of the junior high school office door.

We were officially stalking our old schools. We ran the rest of the way home, giggling and cracking silly jokes. Nonetheless, it was a fun walk and our mood had greatly improved.


  1. One thing I have always admired about the Vargas girls is their special way of doing creepy things and making them sentimental :) ... I love you guys :)

  2. That sounds fun and funny. Glad you got some moments of relief in the midst of the tension.


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