Leaving L.A.

Tomorrow I go back to Las Vegas, which makes me happy. I am ready to be back in my own space.

Although I love being around family because of how supportive they are with the girls, I think it is time. I miss my husband who went back early to work. I miss my bed. I miss being in control of my environment. At home I control the food that is in the house. I control our schedule. I control what the girls do. I control the house and everything in it (well, except for my husband - he really resists for some reason. But I am working on it).

Here in L.A., everything gets sort of haphazard and the girls generally run amok under the indulgent eye of their grandparents. They love it, and I get a break so it's always nice to visit.

But it has been 11 days now and I am ready to be home and get some routine back in our lives.


  1. I am ready for you to be back home, too. I miss our talks! *is very selfish, obviously*

  2. Even though we don't get to really have BFF time, I at least get to see you SO even though I know it is necessary, I'm bummed that you're leaving :p ... Like Sara, very selfish - but it's only because we love you! :)


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