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Hi! I would like to give a huge thanks to Andrea for letting me guest blog here. I am Randi and I host the blog "Watch my garden grow and grow." A few quick tid bits about me...I am a wife, a mom, a reader, and a gardener. I have never been good at gardening, so I have no idea what happened this year...all of a sudden a have a garden, and it's blooming. Well, blooming isn't the right word. How about thriving, exploding?

Anyway, since I have so much fun playing in my garden, I try to include my family in my shenanigans. I include my husband, Matt, by asking him to do all the hard stuff, like building things, putting things together, you know, the "man stuff".

To include my daughter, Lucy, who is just over two, I have FILLED my garden with colors. The more color, the better. I have the future maintenance of my garden all planned out, too. My husband will build everything, Lucy is going to mow the grass, and since there will be nothing left for me to do, I will have to just sit back and read my book. I think they'll go for it.

There are a few different types of purple in my garden. I have four bougainvilleas, which I guess would be more "magenta" than purple. The odd little purple plants under the bougainvillea are called "Purple Hearts." We got these from my dad - he literally pulled them from his garden and gave them to me. They rooted well and have been blooming like crazy.

The Orange Trumpet Vines that you see here were recommended by Andrea. They are attracting hummingbirds like crazy, and I cannot wait until I can point them out to Lucy. She is starting to get interested in birds, or rather "birs".

Orange was a great word for Lucy to spit out. It was almost perfect too, but she hasn't said it again since. Figures, right? And no matter how I try, and what I do, everything ends up being blue or "bu." We will go through whole trips around the yard, she will say each color, pointing and telling me which color is which, then we will go for round two, and EVERYTHING is blue.

See, I have the cutest helper in all the land!


  1. Adorable girl, pretty flowers --- now, if I'm to be properly inspired, are you doing this planting in Vegas or elsewhere? Because I'm about to buy a house and have all sorts of hopes for the backyard garden...

  2. I have lived in Vegas all my life. I have done nothing special except buy the plants from walmart, home depot and star nursery. The soil that I use it terrible too. Most of it is just reject dirt that was in the back yard when we moved in. I will tell you though that I used a liquid Miracle Grow when I planted everything, but other than that....plant, and just add water :)


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