Kids Kloset

Oh how I love places that spell things with a "K".  It just adds a certain je ne sais quoi. You know you are in for a special treat when they just straight up do away with the letter "C". Like maybe a treat in the form of a fluorescent-lit red plastic bargain bin sale. Or something similarly wonderful. Like Krispy Kremes. See what I mean about the letter "K"?

My previous experience in visiting other children's resale clothing store was Kid to Kid. Although the only thing I love more than buying adorable clothes for my girls is buying adorable clothes for next to nothing, the ambiance at Kid to Kid left a little to be desired. It was a bit shabby and crowded, and the toys look dirty.

But the family-run Kid's Kloset in Green Valley was nothing like that. It's clean, bright, and very well-ordered. They have name brand stuff and they carry sizes newborn to a kid's size 8 (or at least that was the largest size I saw). They have clothes, shoes, toys, cribs and beds, bouncy chairs, strollers and books. Not only did they have great finds, the lady running it (I think she was the owner) was very kind. I hadn't brought any diapers with me (I know, rookie mistake) and she directed me to the changing table in the bathroom, where there were complimentary diapers available! Hello! If you make my life easier I am going to love you. Period.

And I found the most adorable stuff. Witness this charming little old-fashioned nightgown and peignoir set for $7:

Or how about this never before worn Sarah Louise hand smocked dress (still with tags) for $14:

See the vertical stripe? That was hand made by pulling out individual vertical threads out of the fabric and tying off the remaining horizontal threads in groups of 3-4 threads:

I have a special appreciation for it because my mom just recently showed me how to do it, and dang it takes a really long time to make!

The point is, I loved the place. I think I am going to start visiting resale boutiques a lot more often. I give Kid 's Kloset:

A note about selling your own clothes there: You have to go around the back, and they don't always pay you in cash. Depending on their own sales that month you may be paid in store credit rather than in cash. Considering their selection, that would not exactly be a hardship!


  1. Nice! I will have to check it out! I only know of Children's Orchard (in CA!), but this is perfect. I could not agree with you more about cute clothes on the cheap!


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