Red Rock Children's Hiking Trail

Today we went to Red Rock Canyon to try out the children's hiking trail. It's called Lost Creek, and you can get a map at the visitor's center before you proceed through the 13-mile loop just to make sure you know where you are going.  (The entrance fee to the canyon is $7 per car.)

The visitor's center has a live desert iguana and various other displays as well as a gift shop.

They call it a "children's trail", but in my mind childhood spans 0-18 years, so let me tell you what the reality is.

Ages 3 and up can make it pretty well, though they will still need a little help climbing over some of the rockier parts. The trail starts out as a gravel path and then comes to a fork in the road. You take the right fork, and then it become rocks and steps that you have to climb up and over. Not too difficult, but definitely a little bit of a challenge.

Since I brought my 18 month old as well as my very cautious 3 year old I soon discovered that making it up would definitely take a little extra time and effort. I had to carry the little one several times over the more challenging terrain just so we could make some progress. Try carrying an 18 month old while helping a 3 year old get across the rocks. It will take you a while to get up there and give you a nice workout (I mean a nice workout if you are a slob like me. If you run 5ks regularly then it's a cinch). It's already quite hot out, so whereas you can linger on a lovely stroll if it's a cool and breezy day, hotter days like today make you want to get back sooner rather than later to your climate controlled bubble, i.e., the car.

Nature watch: There are wild burros, though we did not see any. Don't tell your 3 year old that there are wild burros unless you are staring at one in the face, otherwise she will NOT stop talking about the the entire time you are there. We did spot a blue lizard on the way up, and I had to brake very suddenly to avoid squashing a large snake with my car as it crossed the 13-mile loop road. Why did the snake cross the road? Hm...

When you get to the end of the hiking trail there is a clearing with a waterfall. Can you spot the waterfall in this picture?

Its the dark line in the middle of the rock.

It's just as well, we were warned by some fellow hikers not to touch the water because there are parasites.
You don't actually love a brain parasite, they just make you think you do.

It's worth the trip, just make sure to stick to ages 3 and up. I give the Red Rock Lost Creek Trail:


  1. woot! New Muppet Rating System=AWESOME. :D
    Too funny. I thought it was hilarious seeing that stuffed leopard with all those old men. RANDOM.

  2. Love your review. You've already inspired me to try a few places. Not sure I'm as brave a mama as you to try a place like that on my own. I'll remember the burro advice when I do go, though!

  3. Remind me to take them next time we visit... in winter!!! It has to be max 65 degrees for me to be exposed to the Las Vegas sun without a pool.


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