Road Trip Games: Find the Dog

Admittedly, that may not have been that hard. But I did think it was funny that the dog quietly allowed herself to get buried under the toys during our last road trip.

I know I said next time I wrote a dog post it would be about how I show the dog that I hate her back. But after witnessing the poor little pooch quietly sit through dress up games, fur pulling, being made into a "baby" as she was carried around the house, and just generally manhandled, I have decided she serves a purpose. She even allowed herself to be put into a very small cardboard box without complaint. I think she fell asleep in it, that is how little she cares what is done to her as long as she can be close to us.

So she she is as dumb as a rock. So she trips me up when I walk, and tries to jump on our dinner table along with a host of other bad behaviors. The girls love her and she loves them. That's good enough for me.


  1. Sorry, Andrea - I am a CAT person and I always will be. I'm a Leo, OK?

  2. Haha!

    Yes, you have a winner if she allows herself to be dressed up.


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