Ridiculously Great

Ok, so I am not trying to make a political statement because that is not what this blog is for. But this video is all sorts of hilarious. It's done by a group called Auto Tune the News. If you do a search on them on YouTube there are a ton of equally hilarious videos based on news commentary. They seem to really like using Katie Couric. A lot. My favorite part of this video starts at 1 min 50 secs, but whole thing is ridiculously great.

Here is the direct link because the embedded video looks like its cut off in my browser and I cannot figure it out. You really need to see the whole image for maximum enjoyment. I am just saying.

They also did this following video, which is not at all funny but extremely moving. I just really liked it and wanted to share. I cannot get over how awesome MLK was. Dang. It just gives me the chills. The footage used was from a speech he made the night before he was assasinated. The melody is stuck in my head now.


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