Favorite Oil Change Ever!

I have no idea where people go for oil changes, because I have only ever gone to the Chrysler dealership at the Auto Show Mall or whatever its called (off the 95 and Auto Show Drive). I also do not know if other oil change places have kiddie areas as well. That said, I am still going post this because I like it and and who knows who might benefit from know it.

For a $20 oil change (you don't need to own a Chrysler to be serviced there) you can go hang out in their air conditioned kiddie area which is enclosed with a baby corral, and is complete with kid sized chairs, tubs of legos and toys, and a play house. I really don't like getting oil changes, and the Chrysler dealership makes oil changes as painless as humanly possible. I can sit there with a book, or I can talk on the phone, or do whatever I generally want to do with barely an upward glance because they are right there with me, gated in and entertained. The other great thing is that I have never been in there with anyone else's kids. Apparently I am the only mom who ever goes in there, though I cannot imagine why!

I give the Chrysler dealership:

If you know of any other great oil change places where you can take your kids with you, please post in the comment area!


  1. Wow! I could enjoy a place like that!

  2. I like to go to the Ted Wiens/Firestone shop on Eastern, near the 215. The only thing is, that while they do have a play table and toys for young children, it is NOT enclosed, so you would pretty much have to have your eyes on them the whole time you are there. However, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable.


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