Violet's 1st Ballet Class

Today was Violet's first Mommy & Me ballet class at Fairytales & Tutus. I was so excited about it! We have been practicing her dance moves. Before we left this morning we even went through the moves... plie...arabesque...tendu. Violet completed the moves beautifully and with obvious enjoyment. I knew she was ready.

But when we got there, all her confidence and interest evaporated like ... well like something that evaporates super fast. I am fresh out of similes today.

There I was, smiling, camera eagerly out and ready... and there she was, desperately sucking her thumb and making the same face she makes when she hears the water drain out of the tub. It's not a good face, in case you are wondering.

Through the stretching exercises all the way through to the dress up, she was clingy and kept trying to stick her hand down my shirt for a little muppet comfort. The only time she sort of became interested was during a hopping exercise where the girls got a kiss from a stuffed bunny at the end of the hopping. That is something at least. Here she is at the end of the class, clearly happy because it was over. See how she is already starting to remove her princess crown?


  1. OMG!! She is adorable even if she wasn't into the ballet thing that day!


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