What Does It Say About Our Society...

...That the sales lady at Dave's Bridal* didn't even bat an eye when I stated matter-of-factly that I needed to find a gown for Ivy because she is a child bride. Wearing her bestest ever beauty queen smile, she brightly responded, "Sure, why don't you come over here and I'll show you what we've got!"

The other sales lady beside her was also smiling, though hers faltered a bit and a look of consternation was trying really hard to hijack her face and take that smile hostage. "I'm so just kidding!" I said quickly. Second Sales Lady seemed relieved, and laughed nervously. Beauty Queen Sales Lady continued to smile, laughed a little and just said that I'd be surprised at the kind of requests they get. I probably would be surprised, seeing as how they sell special occasion gowns, and how weird can you possibly get with that? Child brides requests notwithstanding.

* Incidentally, we were there to buy opera gloves for Ivy to use in dress up play.


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